-A Little History-

     Back in the summer of '84 my father, David, and I decided we would open a restaurant. We named it after my grandfather, Joseph, who had come here from Italy when he was young and had made his living as a chef in the valley. (The building was originally my dad's sugarhouse where he made maple syrup and had a gift shop called "The Sugarmaker".)

 In one month we put together enough equipment to get started. We would go to the grocery store at the end of each day to buy the next day's supplies. We could seat 20 people and had 19 plates! And, we sold coffee for 5 cents a cup!

We served breakfast and lunch at first but it wasn't too long before we wanted to expand into dinner as well...we just needed the right idea, something a little different. Thus, The Spaghetti Shed. Our first menu offered only spaghetti but soon expanded to include pizza and other Italian favorites...and some not-so-Italian favorites, too! And, of course, where would we be without our fantastic, home baked bread!!

Well, here we are over 3 decades later! A lot has changed since the days of 19 plates! Many of you who have visited us in the past know that my husband, Kevin, and I have 2 kids. There is always a good chance you will see them down here helping! (This growing family is why we cut down to serving only one meal a day...sorry all you breakfast fans!)

 We have expanded the menu a little more and have become almost as well know for our desserts as our bread! However, one thing that has not changed is our love for the food and the happiness we get from seeing others enjoy it!