Saturday, May 5, 2018

Spring Happenings

PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH! LOTS OF INFO HERE! What a spring! Lots going on here at Joseph's! To update our hours...moving into May we ar open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. We are picking back up with our Monday night Dine to Donates...May 7th: Arts in Motion...May 14th: Waldorf School...May 21st:Rozzie Mae Animal Alliance...May 28th: #CAMDENSTRONG (a great opportunity to help the Bailey family if you're unable to attend the RPP May 24th fundraiser!...)...June 11th: Valley Vision. There will be a special night on June 4th...a payback to all you folks who support our Dine to Donate and other fundraisers throughout the valley...we will be "Donating" the usual 20% BACK TO YOU, THE CUSTOMER, AS A THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE YEAR! You will receive 20% off your bill! A great night to come out, visit, see the new roof and enjoy a great dinner before the valley gets too busy with our summer guests!


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