Friday, March 2, 2012

Upcoming Dine to Donates

Dine to Donates have been a hit!  20% of sales going to local non-profits and charities!

Upcoming groups to benefit...

March 5th- Friends of the Bartlett Library

March 12th- Brian and Linda Coffey's efforts to raise money for the Run-to Home-Base...a road race they are participating in, sponsored by the Red Sox with proceeds going to help injured veterens.

March 19th- Eastern Slope Ski Club

March 26th- Project Graduation

Still working on getting the take and bakes going!

Due to the time crunch of a busy vacation week, I am behind schedule with my take and bakes!  I am hoping to develop my size and price list soon!  I will post here and on Facebook when it's up and happening!!  These things always take longer than planned!  Thanks for your patience!!